Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Broad disciplines are electrical engineering & electronic engineering. The former is concerned with the generation, transmission, distribution, use of electrical power, Power control, power measurements and Control system, Electronics is fundamental to many of the things we take for granted today.Everything from mobile phones to aircraft and medical equipment relies on electronics, and it is difficult to think of any area of life that has not been affected by developments in electronics is concerned with electronic computer, industrial electronics & instrumentation.Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department was established as an independent department of RVS College of Engineering. The Electrical department is having highly dedicated experienced professionals as well as young personalities as faculty members.

The staff from this department is mainly involved in teaching the subjects related to Basic electrical engineering, electrical machines and control systems required for students of various branches.A conscious effort is made to maintain high educational standard. Apart from teaching, the staff of the department looks after new wiring, electrical maintenance, UPS systems, and generators. There is also a conscious effort for energy conservation and Audit techniques and actively involved in giving consultancy and training for industry. The staff of the department is actively involved in extracurricular activities including blood donation, ‘services to community’ etc.

The commencement and organization of this ‘Branch of Study’ stem out of following considerations:
‘EEE’ is a Basic Branch of ‘Engineering Study’ that creates interest and provides right ‘perception’ and ‘insight’ into ‘Fundamentals’
‘EEE’ Branch opens up excellent scope for ‘New Avenues’ for adaptation and thus enables pursuit of hi-tech Specialization
Our College, as an Engineering Educator and leading Partner in Academics promotes the development and growth of effective, efficient and true EEE Professionals, through adherence of the highest Standards of Academic Integrity and overall Ethical conduct, to inculcate a sense of Individual Responsibility and also to collectively participate in reinforcing and maintaining an Environment of Honor, Trust and Standards. It has the primary obligation and responsibility to realize and meet the compelling necessity and urgency for wide ranging, challenging and fast growing Global Demands for EEE Professionals.

Summer Internships
As per the AICTE norms, all technical institutions should provide Student Internship during the vacation. Winter Internships are arranged to the students of third and final year during vacation time. The major companies and the number of students attended internship are tabulated as follows - Izusu Motors Pvt Ltd - 03 Students
Online Courses – NPTEL
National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is an initiative by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore for creating course content in Engineering and Science. This offers free online courses for updating students’ professional knowledge. Our institute is registered as a SPOC (2017-2018) for registering our students to make use of this opportunity. The total number of students and staff registered various courses as follows – 22Students Registered
Industrial Visits
As part of the curriculum of Anna University, Industrial Visits are arranged to the students. The major industries visited and the number of students participated are tabulated as follows - Nippo Batteries – 41 Students

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

EEE students visited Nippo Batteries on 03.03.2018. Students learned about LCD, LED and MCD technologies used in torches. The life time of the lamps and batteries were deeply explained to them.